Its here, its here! The new EP from the Woovs

Its here, its here! The new EP from the Woovs, ‘Predator’. And I am loving it.

In this offering, I feel like Adam’s vocals have matured and have a fuller sound in this set of tracks. If you’ve never heard of the Woovs, and.. well.. if you are from Akron, you must be living under a rock! But, again, if you’ve never heard of them, they are a group hailing from Barberton with a jam rock sound that reminds me a bit of Sublime. A combination of sounds that have a reggae vibe mixed with good old jam band rock n roll. Again, the biggest change I am noticing is the sound of Adam’s vocals, its a crisper almost English punk sound with a more pleasing melodic vibe. Also, the addition of Daniel Kshywonis on percussion brings a fuller sound. The first time I met Dan, he was doing some backing percussion for Rachel Roberts most recent tracks, and the man can play some beats. Think marching band meets funk meets the congas. I am loving the new sound on the EP. The EP which was produced at Tangerine under the guidance of Ben Behorn has a nicely polished tone that still plays homage to their gritty roots. There are a couple of older/reworked tracks on the CD, but, all in all a very enjoyable 6 song offering. If you can get your hands on one, I would definitely recommend it, you won’t be sorry!

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