Writing Workshops – Open to the Public

The “Write Here, Write Now” writing workshops have been created to inspire and motivate the aspiring novelist, poet or script writer. In fact, if you just have a great story to tell, we’ll help you find your voice.

The workshops, led by professional writer T.L. Champion, will provide customized roadmaps created for each writer – to give them the tools they need to help them achieve their goals quickly. Most writers are impressed by the progress they make in a short amount of time.

The “Write Here, Write Now” monthly Group Workshops are open to the public with 2-hour sessions starting Saturday, July 16, 2011.  The Group Workshops will meet on Saturdays in the private room at the Great Northern Panera (in the strip center – not the mall – across the parking lot from Bed, Bath & Beyond).  Info here:

T.L. Champion, president of Champion Studios, has written for such publications as The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Cool Cleveland. Her portfolio can be found here:  www.championcopywriting.com


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