Bob Peck “The Elephant in the Room” Opening Reception July 16th 2011 6-9pm

Coining the term, “the elephant in the room” usually means you’re discussing an obvious truth that is being ignored or goes unaddressed.

The obvious truth here is that while many admire Bob Peck’s work and understand the complexity and movement of it all, there are some who feel his work leaves something to be desired.

He himself, fifteen years ago, would have told you that abstract art was a scam for people with no real talent. That is, until he fell headfirst into the genre accidentally while prepping the background colors on one of his graffiti-themed canvasses of the era.

As he swabbed and blended hues together, he noticed he felt the same sense of “aliveness” from the loosely-connected colors and rough-edged shapes that he got while viewing more defined works of his past…Maybe even more.

From that day forth, his world opened up to the ideas of a less solid and more static frame of mind.

He wasn’t thinking outside of the box, he had torn the box into fragments and began gluing them back together into a new form.

…But I digress.

Recently, his work was on view in a group show and seen by people from all walks of life.

Bob hears the compliments a lot and always humbly accepts them, but what he really gets his kicks from is the criticisms.

The one that tugged his ear one day was someone saying “An elephant could do that.” to which Bob found as much or more humor than the one vocalizing their opinion.

He then decided to assimilate this into his mantra and build off of it, soon creating a piece titled The Elephant in the Room.

We could go into all the obvious truths about Bob Peck’s work but it’s best for you to come out and make your own assumptions. In the end, whether you think it’s the bee’s knees or that your 5-year-old can do what he does, he’s gonna’ keep painting. Not just to keep his many fans happy, but to drive all his naysayers crazy.

The We Gallery
20 North High St.
Akron, OH


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Filmmaker, artist and goofball.
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