A Walking Shadow at the Kathleen Howland Theatre

By Sherry Yanow & Deborah Fezelle
Washington DC, a place where dark secrets and blind ambition collide … and lives are destroyed.

Representative Ethan Masters, a man who finds himself poised to step into the crosshairs of explosive scandal … or take the vice presidency in his grasp.

All Ethan has to do is side with the lion of the Senate, Gilbert Stanton. Senator Stanton, a man who holds the key to the shadows in Ethan’s past … and to his future.

A WALKING SHADOW, a drama about choices, secrets, ambition … and murder.

Starring Joseph M. Haladey III as Ethan. Featuring Ross Rhodes as Senator Stanton. With Marilyn Wells, Drew Schaar & Ariel Roberts. Directed by Deborah Fezelle.

Tickets are $10.00 each and can be purchased at 2nd April Galerie, by calling 330-451-0924 or online at http://www.secondapril.org/theate​r

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