Cleveland Public Library and Cleveland Public Art are hosting a free reception tonight, July 21, with local artist Donald Black, Jr. from 5:30-8:00pm. Clevelanders are encouraged to come to the Eastman Reading Garden for refreshments and to enjoy this outdoor space.

Donald Black, Jr. created The Power of the Pieces specifically for the Eastman Reading Garden. The project is comprised of six chess tables which are built to be played standing up and include photographs of the six chess pieces that move on the boards. Black has hand-crafted 1,000 chess pieces, which will be available for use in the garden. In addition, Black installed a large image of a small child playing chess with a man, representing Black and his father, who inspired the artist’s love of chess from a young age.

This artwork is the second installation of the annual program called See Also, which brings new temporary works of art to the Eastman Reading Garden each summer. See Also has been developed as a collaborative effort between the Cleveland Public Library and Cleveland Public Art.

“The Library is excited for the opportunity to bring artwork to the Garden and engage with the public in a new way,” says Felton Thomas, Director of the Cleveland Public Library. “We believe that by partnering with Cleveland Public Art on the See Also program, we are extending the reach of the Library beyond its walls and into the public realm and ensuring that the Main Library remains a destination for Greater Clevelanders.”

Deanna Palermo
Director of Development & Marketing
Cleveland Public Art
1951 W. 26th Street, #101
Cleveland, OH 44113
216-621-5423 (Fax)


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