et The Chips Fall” an exhibition of new works by Bob Peck

All too often these days, we’re looking for the big picture… the answer of all answers… the last puzzle piece that ties it all together and makes confusion become cohesive… all the dots connected and the image revealed.

Humans, as a whole, crave conclusion. It lets them know that they’ve reached their goal, and they can move on to the next quandary that keeps them going.

It’s been said that “life imitates art”. In the art world, especially involving abstract work, the casual viewer and veteran-critic alike often are looking for the sum of the work. Either asking themselves, “What does it mean?” or, “What message is the artist trying to convey?” More than they’re willing to admit, the artist has to concoct a lengthy statement brewed up from a sludge of art school rhetoric and sub-culture buzzwords, which in the end, usually becomes a wordy haze that overshadows the image itself. Smoke and mirrors save the artist for another day.

Bob Peck has fallen victim himself at times, and has spewed out statements about graffiti art and transcendence alike. In the end, though, he has been an abstract artist for over a decade and, regardless of his roots, that may add that sense of Vice-Magazine-counter-culture-bad-boy-ism to his work, he is simply a man who loves to paint the designs trapped in his imagination.

It’s that simple.

At the end of the day, graffiti art played a big part of where he is now, but the last few years of work is really about design and color and texture…pure and simple.

If you want to hear a story about Peck’s artwork, ask him face to face and he’ll tell you a good one from his past. But don’t expect some long and drawn out statement next to each painting in the gallery.

Opening reception at the Euclid Avenue gallery 7-10 PM, Saturday, January 14. After-party at Lava Lounge 10 PM – ? AM.


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