Lock 3 Summer Arts Experience!

The artists have been selected and the components chosen for the City of Akron’s Lock 3 Summer Arts Experience 2012. You may either click the link below to print the student application and mail it in, or complete the application on this website for a faster response by the Summer Arts Staff.

All applications (both digital and mail) are due by May 11th, 2012.

After your application has been received, you will be called to setup an interview time. Please dress appropriately and bring evidence of your skill (visual artists bring relevant work, dancers bring a 1-2minute prepared piece, steel drummers need no prior experience to apply).

Interview days are:

Saturday May 19th from 9-4:00pm or Saturday May 26th from 9-4:00pm

Located at:

Mason Park CLC
700 East Exchange Street
Akron, OH 44306

The 2012 Components

LOCK 3 COMPONENTS (100 Hours) between July 10th and August 16th

Glass & Copper Sculpture at Summa Hospital:

Learn how to melt and fuse glass as well as bend copper to create Summer Art’s first sculpture to be displayed within Summa’s Serenity Garden, complementing the current Summa programming in the healing arts.

Clay Sculpture Chess Sets:

Use clay to develop a series of chess sets to be used in parks around Akron. The sculptures will include the chess pieces as well as designs and embellishments to the chess boards.

Dance with NEOS Dance Theatre:

Dancers this year will be working with NEOS Dance Theatre to collaboratively develop a creative piece that conveys the value of each dancer and their technique. Learn directly from the artistic director, choreographer and dancers from NEOS, with the final performance in front of hundreds of Heinz-Poll Dance Festival attendees. Interviewees need to share a 1-3 minute prepared display of dance skill, as well as improv with the director.

Steel Drums:

Learn to play and perform the steel drums at various locations throughout Akron. No prior experience required.

Painted Mural of Historical Akron Imagery at Rosa Parks Drive:

Create larger than-life-imagery of historical Akron residents, tire-empires, and some of the amazing inventions that put Akron on the map forever, including some that will surprise. Come with creativity and painting skill.

Painted Mural at Luigi’s Restaurant in Northside:

In this painted mural you will develop imagery to complement one of Akron’s most famous restaurants. Luigi’s may be famous for dining, but soon people will be talking about your mural as well!

NEIGHBORHOOD CANVAS (30 Hours) between June 18th and July 6th

Hand Sculptures at the Boys & Girls Club:

In this component you will work with a University of Akron professor to create a series of hand sculptures of Boys & Girls club member hands to be displayed in a prominent location in the club.

Painted Mural at TBA:

In addition to the components displayed, we are developing an additional location to house another mural.

The Student Application




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