iAkron: Portrait of a City by todd v at the We Gallery

OPENING October 6, 2012  
@ We Gallery
20 N. High Street
Akron, OH 44308

This show is a convergence of technology and art. Utilizing only an iPhone to take all the pictures in this exhibit todd wanted to see how far he could take his fondness for iPhone photography. “I love photography, and I wanted to see what it would be like to really limit myself with just an iPhone. You have to take a lot into consideration when creating an iPhone image as you are so limited by focal distance and a tiny sensor. Using the phone as if it is an old-fashioned camera, you have to get creative to get the shots you are looking for”, says todd.

Primarily known as a painter, todd has been bitten by the photo bug. Using his unique perspective as a visual artist, he has been able to expand his artistic practice to include new digital media in photos and film.

This exhibit is not intended to be the end all be all photo essay of the city of Akron, but more the city as seen through todd’s eyes. The people that inspire him. The spaces that make up daily life in the city. A perspective of the city from the eyes of one of its most prolific artists. Prints, posters, and signed photo books will be available at the gallery during the show. The gallery is located at 20 N. High Street, Akron, Ohio.

About todd v

Filmmaker, artist and goofball.
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